If you're thinking of studying with us, see what some of our students have to say:

Foundation Testimonials

"I very much valued being part of the Foundation Course Group; it allowed me to grow through participation and relationship, supporting me in re-establishing my sense of self in relation to others in anticipation of the clinical training for psychotherapy."
Caroline, Foundation Certificate

"Reflection in itself during Foundation allowed me to become more aware of who I am, and to accept me and I see this as a prerequisite for appreciating people in my life and differences between us. Foundation offers a safe place to be yourself and share yourself with others."
Alex, Foundation Certificate

"Along with a varied and comprehensive academic programme, I feel one of the strengths of the training at BCPC, which helps prepare one for private practice, is the emphasis on, and support for, deep exploration into ones personal process. It feels like a great achievement now, to be honestly able to say that I do actually like myself and that I feel more confident about being me!"
Jen, Foundation Certificate

Psychotherapy Testimonials

"I have become, and am still becoming, a new person - more capable than
before of relating to others more deeply, more satisfyingly."
David, Stage 2 Psychotherapy Diploma

"While BCPC offers a comprehensive training in the art of Psychotherapy, it is much more than this. It is an opportunity to explore and penetrate the depth of our interior world, to extend our capacity to relate fully and intimately with those closest to us, and to encounter and reveal a breadth of potentiality that we are perhaps only barely aware of at the start of the training. While this process is challenging and demands much of us, the satisfaction and sense of personal unfolding that can be found during the training are deeply rewarding. For me the years at BCPC have been a life-changing experience."
Andrew, Stage 3 Submission, Psychotherapy Diploma

Counselling Testimonials

"I initially chose BCPC for its ease of access and the 'experiential' method of instruction. I believed BCPC would simply make me into a counsellor.
After huge shifts within me during my four years with BCPC to obtain my counselling diploma, I now realise how naive I was at the outset. BCPC provided an experiential vehicle for my journey to the real me. Clichés aside, I believe I owe BCPC my self. I found my self, I recognise my self, I value my self, I like or, dare I now say, love my self. The humanistic experience that BCPC gave me has been my true support in both my personal and professional life. I can, without reservation, recommend the BCPC training as being well rounded and supportive, and very worthwhile personally and professionally."
Diane, Counselling Graduate 2009

"BCPC has provided me with an enriching environment of support and challenge. As a result, I feel I've become a skilled and reflective practitioner. The mixture of in-depth theory, experiential learning and personal therapy throughout, sets this apart from other training courses. More than becoming a counsellor, the training has been a journey towards finding myself. I feel this is key to working at depth with clients. I'm now nearing the end of my training at BCPC and have many unforgettable memories of my time here."
Vicky, Year 3 Submission, Counselling Diploma

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