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Training: Our Philosophy

Welcome to the BCPC Training Pages.  To view information on trainings we offer, please select the Courses tab on the left.

We are passionate.

Passionate about providing a service that meets the high standards of our accrediting bodies, and nurturing individuals on our courses through a journey of personal growth.

This is achieved in various ways: through experiential learning processes in seminars, skills work, group work, the writing of assignments, and also by requiring all students to be in weekly counselling or psychotherapy (depending on the training route being pursued) throughout the duration of the training.

Our training is of a Humanistic and Integrative approach. The Humanistic traditions honour and believe in the full potential and integrity of all people. These approaches (especially as pioneered by Carl Rogers) emphasise authentic experience, attention to mind, body and spirit, and a real relationship between client and counsellor/psychotherapist.

“Integrative” indicates that at BCPC we bring in other perspectives that are congruent with our humanistic stance. We include various psychodynamic and psychoanalytic theorists in order to give attention to the ways in which early childhood experiences shape each person. These approaches help towards an understanding of how human beings become who they are, and how trauma and deprivation can affect us. Intersubjective perspectives also emphasise how the relationship between practitioner and client can provide a context to explore early experiences and discover new ways of relating.

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